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Welcome to the Brookside Fishing Club gallery.

Pictures are added on a regular basis so be sure to keep an eye on this page. As our members keep taking them, we'll keep adding them!

Come on members - Please send in your photos for 2011

Photos of Chairman Paul with Michael & Paige, the winners from the Junior Match.

A couple of pics from Don, of members on the Club Lake, earlier this year 2011

A few pics from members on the Green Lake and Club Lake, September 2011

Ray's Phone Pics of a fisherman's catch at the Green Lake and other pics from the Club Lake - August 2011

Some old pictures one of our members found of the Green Lake in 1992 being drained & dredged and a crane jib use to reach the middle of the lake to save some fish.

anyone else got any old photo's of the Lakes, do email them to me or let me borrow them to scan.

A few pictures of Frank relaxing at the lakes with John Junior and Frank's Dad (29-06-11)


Frank pulled this little tiddler out of the Green Lake today (24-06-11) a mirror carp weighting in at 14lb 2ozs

Billy S. with a beauty from the Green Lake 16lb on the 01/06/11 & another one on the 13/06/11

Some more pics from Mark with fish caught from the Green Lake, well done Mark.


Photos from our new youngest member, 6 year old Jennifer.


These photos are from a new member, Mark Merry with a picture of a Common, guess weight was about 5/6lb and a pic of a 3lb Crucian, well done Mark, welcome to the Club.


A few Pics taken by Bailiff John