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             The name of the CLUB shall be BROOKSIDE ANGLING CLUB (Dagnam Park Fishery) Dagnam Park drive, Harold Hill and henceforth, it will be known as such.


              The main object of BROOKSIDE ANGLING CLUB is to promote angling in the Harold Hill area.

              The second object of the CLUB is to keep ponds sited in Dagnam Park, Settle Road, Harold Hill fishable to members and non-members.


       The Club shall appoint two trustees to ensure that the Club is run in accordance with the constitution and in the best interests of the Club and its members as a whole. No trustees shall be liable for any loss or damage which may happen to the Club assets.


1              Memberships of BROOKSIDE ANGLING CLUB is open to all residents of the London Borough of Havering and the UK regardless of political opinion, nationality, sex, race, colour or religion.

2              Members are allowed to pay for their re-newel fee over a period of three months if in financial difficulty; this is only open to re-newel fees and NOT new membership. The payments MUST be paid over the joining period of three months of march, april and may otherwise the privilege will be terminated and any payments will be lost and not refunded.

3              All members joining the CLUB must abide by the rule and regulations set out in this constitution. .

4             A person has to be a member for at least 12 month before entitled to become a Bailiff or a Committee Member, Non Associated members are NOT allowed this privilege as they are not full members

5             The whole Committee shall be voted into office, this shall be done at the A.G.M by members of the CLUB.

6        The Management Committee shall be responsible for the smooth running of the CLUB and should run it for and in the interest of its members.

7        The Management Committee shall be responsible for placing a levy for membership for the following year.

8        The Management Committee shall be made up from club members and the offices held shall be as such:







10        The Management Committee shall have the right to open new posts for club members to fill if and when the time arises.

11        Meetings shall be at least 5 times a year for all members to attend, there shall be a meeting held for the Management Committee only, which shall be held no less than four days before a CLUB meeting.

12        The quorum for Committee and Club meetings shall be at least fifty per cent of the total number of the Management Committee members. Should there not be a quorum the meeting may continue but any decisions taken must be presented to the next meeting for confirmation.

13        All club members should attend at least three CLUB meetings per season, One of the three being the AGM annual meeting (if unable to attend the AGM, then written/email apologies (unless hospitalised or bed ridden), stating why they cannot attend, MUST be sent to either the secretary or the chairman BEFORE the meeting). If a member does not attend at least three meetings (one being the AGM) per season, they will not be entitled to the £20 reduction fee of the re-newel cost when re-newing their membership.

14        All club members should attend at least three work parties per season. If a member does not attend at least three work parties per season, they will not be entitled to the £20 reduction fee of the re-newel cost when re-newing their membership. For members that are 70 years old or older, work parties are not compulsory but are voluntary.

15        Decisions will be made by a simple majority vote; the Chairman is to have a second vote in the case of a tie.

16        The minutes shall be taken by the Secretary during the meeting and presented at the next meeting for club members to inspect.

17        The minutes shall be read out to members at the next meeting and if all members are in agreement that the minutes they have heard are the true minutes of the last meeting, then a member of the Management Committee shall sign them and they should then be given to the Secretary for safe keeping.

18        Members of the CLUB shall be free to inspect the minutes of any meeting held in respect of the CLUB.

19        The CLUB shall hold an Annual General Meeting once a year preferably at the April meeting.

20        At the A.G.M. reports shall be submitted by the Chairman on the CLUBS progress and achievements by the Treasurer who shall submit an audited account and a report shall be made by the Secretary.

21        The election of all officers to the CLUB shall take place at the A.G.M. unless an officer resigns from their post and a vote by the members is held for his predecessor.

22        The quorum for the A.G.M. shall not be less than the total number of the management Committee.

23        An Extra Original Meeting maybe called either:

a)           By a resolution of the Committee either for the purpose of altering the constitution or considering any matter which the Committee may decide should be referred to the members in general.

b)           Or at the written request of not less than 15 current members with voting rights, who must give notice to the Secretary or Chairman in writing of the proposed business.

c)           The Secretary or Chairman shall give all members of the CLUB at least 14 days notice of an E.O.M. taking place all such notices shall be given to all members within 7 days of the resolution or request from 15 members.

d)           An E.O.M must not be held later than 28 days after the receipt by the Secretary or the Chairman of the written request or Committee resolution.

e)           The quorum for the E.O.M. shall be the same as for an A.G.M.

24        All monies raised for and on behalf of the CLUB shall be used to further the aims of the said CLUB.

25        The use of the monies for the CLUB shall be controlled by the Management Committee, under instructions from its members.

26        The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining proper account for submitting termly statements to the Borough Treasurer for audit and for presenting an audited Statement of the accounts to the CLUB A.G.M.

27        The CLUB shall maintain a bank account in the name of BROOKSIDE ANGLING CLUB. There shall be three co-signers for the withdrawal of all cheques from the said bank account, these shall be any two officers of the Management Committee members.

28        The CLUB shall not lend any monies to any member under any circumstances.

29        Alterations to the constitution may be made at an A.G.M. or E.O.M. called for that purpose. Any alterations must be agreed upon by a two thirds majority of the members present.

30        When a disciplinary Committee is needed than it shall be made up by the following:






31        To be called in front of a disciplinary Committee, a member should have had the following:




32        Action that the disciplinary Committee may take on the offending members.

a)           FINE the amount to be fixed by the disciplinary Committee on the day, if the member concerned refuses to pay the fine then the Committee shall have no option but to place a ban on them and revoke their membership from the CLUB.

b)           A SUSPENSION from the waters held by the CLUB, length of suspension to be fixed by the disciplinary Committee on the day.

c)           A TOTAL BAN from the CLUB, the member concerned shall have their membership revoked; a member who is banned from the CLUB may fish the day ticket water as long as they buy a ticket to fish.

d)           Any member who at a Club meeting shows any violence towards any other member will be BANNED from the CLUB.


33        All members to have their Club card at all times and produce it if asked by the bailiff.

34        All litter to be taken home.

35        Up to two rods per member.

36        No lead shot or barbed hooks to be used.

37        No night fishing

38        All fish to be returned to the Pond.

39        No ticket transferable.

40        of London Borough of Havering. No nuts, Ground bait should not exceed ½ Kilo per day per person on the Green/Club Lakes by orderof London Borough of Havering.

41        No fires to be lit.

42        Open to all non-members to join CLUB.

43        Non-members may fish the members lake, tickets £7.50 must be pre-booked

44        No members to lend their ticket to non-members.

45        Landing nets and mats must be used and are to be the first item to be set up and should be the last item to be dismantled; this should be of the knotless type.

46        Any fish over 6lb or those which appears to be in distress in the keepnet is to be returned to the pond.

47        Wild life to be respected at all times.

48        Any infringement of these rules will result in disciplinary action being taken.

49        A current rod licence must be held.

50        No fishing one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset, by order of the London Borough of Havering.

51        All persons fishing do so at their own risk and any loss, damage or injury is their own responsibility.

52        No lifting of keepnets during fishing time.

53        No riding of bikes around the lakes at any time.


54        All CLUB rules to be adhered to whilst the match is in progress.

55        All competitors to arrive at least half an hour before the peg draw is made and are to have their names taken as they arrive for the order of the peg draw.

56        All CLUB membership cards must be shown on arrival and anyone without their card will not be able to take part in the match.

57        All competitors shall pay their match fees in at the time of their arrival. Entry fee money is non-refundable.

58        No walking around the bank side until told to by the Match Officials and as little noise as possible is to be made when walking to drawn swim.

59        The duration of the match will be six hours unless stated otherwise and unless stated otherwise a match will start with a blast of a whistle and will end likewise.

60        All pegs will be drawn for and peg draw will be at least one quarter of an hour before a match starts, no moving from one peg to another unless under instruction from a Match Official.

61        No breaking of water before a match starts will be allowed except for the placing of keepnets into the water at the competitors swim, and pluming the depth, clipping up for feeder, no pre-baiting will be allowed before the start of the match.

62        No walking away from the peg whilst the match is in progress with the exception of one yard behind the peg and also with the exception of going to the toilet. When a competitor needs to leave their peg, the float and hook must be out of the water.

63        No sharing of keepnets or swims will be allowed.

64        All fish with the exception of stickle-back will be included in the weigh in.

65        If a fish is on the hook at the time of the final whistle being blown, it shall be included in the weigh in provided that it is landed within 15 minutes after the final whistle has been blown.

66        No lifting of keepnets out of the water whilst the match is in progress until the weigh in takes place unless to replace into a more accessible position. Any fish that shows signs of distress while in the keepnets will be weighed and then returned to the water.

67        Any assistance needed will only be given by the Match Secretary or his assistant unless stated otherwise.

68        If assistance is needed with a landing net, the helper is only allowed to touch the landing net pole, if the helper touches the competitor’s rod, line or fish that has been caught, and then the fish is put back into the water without being weighed.

69        Any complaints at the match are to be made to the Match Secretary or their assistant only, and their word is final on all maters.

70        Competitors are allowed to have as many rods or poles made ready to use for the match but can use only one rod or pole at anytime.

71        Anyone breaking any Match rules will be asked to break their tackle down and will be disqualified from the match.

72        The competition Secretary and his assistant shall have the complete and final right to decide any matter on any competition including any matter not specified in these by-laws.

APRIL 2019.



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