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News from November 2011

The Barley Straw has now been removed from the Green Lake, water test on both Green Lake & Club Lake (Lily Pond) have been tested good with no problems.

News from October 2011

John Cox was voted in as the new Fishery Officer.

A work party was held on the 15th October on the Green Lake to remover leaves, logs and general rubbish from and around the Lake, it was a good turn out with 18 members turning up.

We now have a facebook page,

Next work party would be around the 12th November, weather permitting. Come to the next November 4th meeting to find out.

The algae on the Green Lake is now nearly all gone and the barley straw will be coming out soon.

Finally the car parking at the Green Lake is finalized, it is strictly only 2 cars allowed to park by the disabled swim (nearest end to the car park), cars must not drive down either side of the lake. This would have to take into consideration the ground and path conditions, only when the ground is hard enough and dry enough for the cars to drive on. The council will monitor the misuse of the disabled parking and damage to the path and grass and revoke the privilege to park there.

News from August and September 2011

Mike has resigned from being the Fishery Officer and a new Fishery Officers position is open to the members of the Club that has been a member for at least a year. John Cox was voted in as Temporary Fishery Officer for this month until all members wanting to stand for the position can come to the October meeting to be voted in. So if you think you can do the duties of Fishery Officer, then come along to the next meeting. Duties include liaising with the council, police and Friends of Dagnam park. Involvement and organising work parties. Overseeing any repairs and arranging any improvements to the lakes.

At the August meeting, members were saying that there were 10 fish pulled out of green lake with no signs of illness but blame it on no cover in the lake. Paul explained to them that the problem could be with the ammonia in the lake because there is too many fish in there and ammonia kills the fish, also no oxygen in the water, so the Club has now bought a petrol pump that has been running for the last month to pump oxygen into the water and also help clears the green oily algae floating on top of the water.

Lee the Diver arranged with Police Marine Biologist to test the water on whether the algae is blue green or not, the results come back to show the floating algae is only Green algae and has no effect on the fish, but only reduces the oxygen in the water. Which the water pump is doing a good job, pump oxygen into the water.

John has also arranged for 8 Barley Straw bails to be anchored in the lake, with the help of Lee the diver, to also help the green algae. If anyone has any time to baby sit the water pump, it would help as John is up there most days with additional help from John Junior, the Smith family, Colin Bell, Anthony Ayres, Dave Ionascu and a few others, so if you can spare a few hours, please phone John on 07704 793 895.

Pam is going to lay-to-rest Rob’s ashes at the Club Lake on Saturday afternoon at 2.30-3pm on the 10th Sep and then members can go back to the house for a few drinks to wish Rob on his way.

Can all members remember that ˝Kilo of ground bait is not half a bucket full!!! ˝Kilo is the maximum allowed to use and not to throw in your un-used bait when finishing for the day. Too much bait is going into the lakes, turning mouldy and poisoning the fish. Anyone not adhering to this rule (rule 43) shall be disciplined.

Paul has spoke to Geoff Pepper about putting disabled swims in the Green Lake and levelling off & putting swims in at the Cow Pond. Geoff will speak to English heritage & will need layout plans.

Officially, No Cars are allowed to park by the Green Lake, only at the Club Lake. Paul the chairman has spoken to Geoff Pepper about this. Again, anyone not adhering to this, shall be disciplined. It is dangerous for people walking or riding their cycles along the new path.

The Club Lake Swims do not belong to anyone, first come gets the swims, nobody is allowed to tell someone to get off ‘their swim’ at any time, exceptions to disabled swims when a disabled chair-bound member wants to fish on a disabled swim and a able-bodied member is set up on a disabled swim.

The Fish Fund Donation List from members last year is as follows:

Dave & Anthony Shaw, Ken Best, Mike Doidge, Ron Woodbridge, Lionel Sutherland, Dave & Barbie Pithers, Brian & Michael Morgan, Arran Hudson, Dave Spencer, Dave Ionascu, Ray banks, Mark Butterfield & Jim Apps. Thanks everyone that donated extra money to buy a few more fish.

County Angling donated fishing equipment for prizes for the Juniors Matches with Michael Smith winning and with runner up of Paige Smith, well done kids :)

Dave Mardling had donated a used, but good set of scales, weighting bag and holdall for the club matches.

Anthony Ayres donated a chunky bike chain for the Petrol Water Pump to help chain it up.

Match up-to-date results are available on our 'match results' page.

Has anyone found any Prescribed sun glass at the Green Lake last month as a member has lost them and has anyone lost a pair of spectacles at Green Lake last month. These have been found.

Can all members please remember to take home their rubbish after fishing.

The Bailiff takings has gone down considerably from this time last year because the growth of members to the Club and less takings from day tickets. 

Sad news this month (May 2011) when one of our committee members died, Rob Wilson the treasurer sadly died

here's a few Pictures of the Club members that attend the funeral and come back to Pam's house to help celebrate his life


Photos of Mike working in the park with a few members of the Brookside Angling Club - Home Page

Photos of the Fish Delivery on the 28th February 2011 at the Club Lake and the Green Lake.

Attending at the delivery was: Mike A, John C, Ray B, Dave I, Joe B, Mark B, Dave M, Ken B, Dave P, Barbie P, Brian M & Michael M. the delivery turned up one hour earlier than expected so some members missed out watching/helping. Around 300 fish went into the lakes.

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Some of the lilies that Mike & Dave has got out of the Club Lake with his new Dry Suit. Well done Mike & Dave.

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Work Party Dates for 2011


January 2010

Here are some photos of Dave, Barbie and Dave the milk that was taken on Saturday the 9th and Sunday 10th January 2010.

After receiving a phone call from Mike on Saturday morning telling them that the fish in the club lake were struggling to breath, they went to check. On arrival at the first swim as you walk in, there was a small hole about 2ft square with about a dozen fish obviously in distress, having took some tools and using logs they set about breaking up the ice around every swim, they also had a net to scoop out broken ice to create as much open water as possible.

Unfortunately on walking around the lake they found many dead fish of various sizes, the ones in the photos below being the largest. Mike and Dave went back on Monday morning to break more ice, Mike got the water on Tuesday with his waders to break more ice, if this isn't done every day, the fish have no air to breath. Also helping was Ray, Jim, Dave, Dave & Tony.

Mikes been up there every day doing what he can but seems to be a losing battle. Today (Wednesday) was more dead fish.

The council had sent 4 workers to the Green Lake on Friday to break the Ice around the edges to stop people walking onto the frozen lake but this was a one-off and has never returned to do more. People have been falling into the edge of the lake trying to retrieve their dogs.

Another happier story was of a dog that got lost at 7am, lost and distressed, the dog ended up in the Club Lake. Dave & Tony rescued the dog from the lake, wrapped it in a blanket and called the RSPCA which collected the dog. The owner later saw the group of men working on the lake and asked if they had seen the dog, the men told him what had happened and the man got in touch with the RSPCA to get his dog back. a happy ending. Home Page



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will appear here on a regular basis......

Gary Crickmay @ Mill Barn 23/05/2010 - Carp 19lb 6oz

Phil Hasler @ Crow Green 09/05/2010 - Pike 9lb 2oz


Results for Newlands Hall Fishery 6th July 2008:

(1)    K. McDonagh   123lb.12oz 

(2)    P. Camfield    112lb.14oz

(3)    J. McDonagh   105lb.14oz

(4)    J. Storer      85lb.0oz

(5)    P. Nowlan      42lb.11oz

(6)    P. Sevens      31lb.8oz

(7)    K. Rowllett     27lb.6oz  

(8)    J. Croxow      14lb.8oz

(9)    J. Cox          13lb.4oz

(10)  M. Sands        6lb.0oz

Total weight: 562lb 13oz

I have been informed that there was  a new club record of 224lb or so set by John Storer 

when the club fished  Newland Hall last year (2007)


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