2009 - 2010 RESULTS BELOW


Match Man of the Year 2009/2010

1st P. Nowlan 85.5 points
2nd P. Camfield 81.5 points
3rd P. Hasler 44.0 points

Pea Lane 06/12/2009

1st Phil Hasler 10lb
2nd Paul Camfield & Pete Nowlan 4lb 9oz
3rd Tom Lennon 4lb 2oz
5th John Storer     2lb 6oz
6th Perry McDonnell   1lb 9oz
7th  Brian Faulkner  1lb 5oz
8th  Phil Sevens 1lb 2oz

Gary Crickmay

 1lb 1oz

Home Farm 01/11/2009

1st Pete Nowlan 45lb 8oz
2nd Tom Lennon 32lb 0oz
3rd Paul Camfield 26lb 4oz
4th Joan Croxon 22lb 12oz
5th Phil Hasler 21lb 4oz
6th John Storer 17lb 6oz
7th  Kaz Rowlett 13lb 0oz
8th  Gary Crickmay 8lb 5oz

Joint Phil Sevens & BrianFaulkner

8lb 0oz

Hockley 04/10/2009

1st Paul Camfield 118lb 8oz
2nd John Storer 117lb 3oz
3rd Phil Hasler 98lb 4oz
4th Lee Prior 91lb 1oz
5th Pete Nowlan 62lb 14oz
6th Gary Crickmay 45lb 8oz
7th  Kaz Rowlett 42lb 0oz
8th  Joan Croxon 38lb 0oz
9th Tom Lennon 35lb 8oz
10th Brian Faulkner 31lb 2oz

Tylers Common 27/09/2009

1st Pete Nowlan 173lb 0oz
2nd Paul Camfield  76lb 2oz
3rd Gary Crickmay 66lb 2oz
4th Kaz Rowlett  63lb 4oz
5th Lee Prior 59lb 10oz
6th Tom Lennon 59lb 6oz
7th  John Storer 44lb 5oz
8th  Joan Croxon 36lb 8oz
9th Phil Sevens 35lb 8oz
10th Brian Faulkner 16lb 0oz
11th Perry McDonnell 10lb 0oz

Brook Farm 06/09/2009

1st Phil Sevens 49lb 0oz
2nd Paul Camfield 33lb 4oz
3rd Pete Nowlan 26lb 14oz
4th Tom Lennon 24lb 0oz
5th Connor Swain  14lb 13oz
6th Mick Ryan  8lb 12oz
7th  Joint Lee Prior& Phil Hasler 8lb 8oz
9th  Brian Faulkner 6lb 10oz
10th Gary Crickmay  6lb 0oz
11th Perry McDonnell 5lb 12oz
12th John Storer   4lb 0oz
13th Kaz Rowlett 2lb 0oz
14th  Joan Croxon  0lb 12oz


1st Match
1st Connor Swain
2nd Perry McDonnell
3rd Jack Hasler
2nd Match
1st Jack Hasler
2nd Perry McDonnell
3rd Jack Conroy
3rd Match
1st Billy Hutchins
2nd Connor Swain
3rd Jack Hasler


1st Paul Camfield 76lb 10oz
2nd Phil sevens 76lb
3rd Pete Nowlan 75lb 4oz
4th Phil Hasler 41lb 12oz
5th John Storer   35lb 8oz
6th Jim Apps  33lb 12oz
7th  Connor Swain 28lb 8oz
8th  Gary Crickmay 27lb 4oz
9th Mick Ryan 25lb 8oz
10th Lee Prior 21lb
11th Thomas Lennon 17lb 4oz
12th Brian Faulkner 5lb



Pete Nowlan

108lb 15oz

Paul Camfield

61lb 4oz
3rd Phil Hasler  53lb 3oz
4th Phil sevens   33lb 1oz
5th Connor Swain 26lb 7oz
6th Perry McDonnell 19lb 8oz
7th  Thomas Lennon 18lb 12oz
8th  Gary Crickmay  14lb 2oz
9th John Storer 13lb 4oz
10th Joan Croxon 13lb
11th Brian Faulkner 9lb 4oz
12th Lee Prior 8lb 7oz



1st P Camfield & M Sandilands 16lb-12oz
2nd P Hasler &  J Storer 16lb-9oz
3rd P Nowlan & M Sandilands 13lb- 12oz
4th M Ryan & B Faulkner 4lb-14oz
5th P McDonnell & C Swain 4lb-4oz
6th J Apps & M Ashton 1lb-6oz

BOBBY GEORGES Match Results 14/06/2009


Pete Nowlan

34lb 8oz

Paul Camfield

3rd Gary Crickmay 15lb
4th John Storer 14lb 2oz

D Denham

13lb 4oz
6th Perry McDonnell 9lb
7th  Phil Sevens 7lb 14oz
8th  Joan Croxon 6lb 4oz
9th Brian Faulkner 3lb 6oz

COACH HOUSE Match Results 15/05/2009


Pete Nowlan

39lb 8oz

Paul Camfield

31lb 2oz
3rd Mick Sandilands

28lb 0oz

4th John Storer 26lb 12oz

Jim Apps

23lb 0oz
6th Kaz Regan

18lb 12oz

7th  Gary Crickmay 17lb 0oz
8th  Phil Sevens & Phil Hasler 14lb 8oz
9th Brian Faulkner 11lb 0oz
10th Perry McDonnell 8lb 4oz
11th Joan Croxon 3lb 0oz

MILL BARN Match Results 03/05/2009


Pete Nowlan


Phil Hasler

3rd Paul Camfield

38lb 5oz

4th Phil Sevens 31lb 8oz
5th John Storer 22lb 12oz
6th Joan Croxen

14lb 12oz

7th  Gary Crickmay 7lb 8oz
8th  Connor Swain 6lb 8oz
9th Brian Faulkner 4lb
10th Perry McDonnell 3lb 8oz

MILL BARN Match Results 03/05/2009


Pete Nowlan


Phil Hasler

3rd Paul Camfield

38lb 5oz

4th Phil Sevens 31lb 8oz
5th John Storer 22lb 12oz
6th Joan Croxen

14lb 12oz

7th  Gary Crickmay 7lb 8oz
8th  Connor Swain 6lb 8oz
9th Brian Faulkner 4lb
10th Perry McDonnell 3lb 8oz

TYLERS COMMON Match Results 12/04/2009

1st         John Storer              143lb 4oz

2nd        Paul Camfield            117lb 14oz

3rd        Pete Nowlan              95lb 0oz

4th        Phil Hasler                 86lb 0oz

5th        Perry McDonnell        50lb 0oz

6th        John Cox Senior         47lb 4oz

7th        Kaz Regan                  35lb 10oz

8th        Phil Sevens                 29lb 8oz

9th        Maggie Sands             28lb 8oz

10th       Gary Crickmay           25lb 0oz

11th        Joan Croxon              19lb 12oz

12th        Brian Faulkner          11lb 3oz

13th        John Cox Junior        2lb 5oz

HOME FARM Match Results 22/03/2009                      

1st Paul Camfield  78lb 4oz
2nd Phil Sevens   49lb 8oz
3rd Phil Hasler 48lb 4oz
4th Gary Crickmay 42lb 8oz
5th Joan Croxon 20lb 8oz
6th Pete Nowlan 18lb 12oz
7th  John Storer 10lb 0oz
8th  Brian Faulkner 8lb 12oz
9th  Perry McDonnell  61lb 12oz Disqulified








Winners of the Mid Week Matches

1st John Storer 86
2nd Paul Camfield 80
3rd Mike Ryan 27

10 - Wed 29th July 09

1st John Storer 9lb 7oz
2nd Mike Ryan 8lb 4oz
3rd Phil Hasler 6lb 2oz
4th Paul Camfield 4lb 6oz
5th Brian Faulkner 2lb 13oz
6th Mike Ashton 1lb 13oz

9 - Wed 22nd July 09

1st John Storer 9lb 12oz
2nd Paul Camfield 8lb 13oz
3rd Mike Ryan 8lb 4oz
4th Phil Hasler 7lb 2oz
5th Rob Wilson 2lb 2oz
6th Mike Ashton 2lb
7th Brian Faulkner 15oz

8 - Wed 15th July 09

1st John Storer 9lb 2oz
2nd Paul Camfield 8lb 2oz
3rd Phil Hasler 7lb 13oz
4th Mike Ryan 7lb 4oz
5th Brian Faulkner 1lb 3oz

7 - Wed 8th July 09

1st Paul Camfield 10lb 5oz
2nd Mike Ryan 8lb 1oz
3rd John Storer 7lb 4oz
4th Brian Faulkner 2lb 2oz
5th Mike Ashton 1lb 4oz
6th Rob Wilson 1lb 3oz

6 - Wed 1st July 09

1st Connor Swain 3lb 3oz
2nd Paul Camfield 1lb 8oz
3rd John Storer 1lb 6oz

5 - Wed 24th June 09

1st John Storer 7lb 5oz
2nd Paul Camfield 5lb 4oz
3rd Brian Faulkner 3lb 1oz

4 - Wed 17th June 09

1st Paul Camfield 12lb
1st John Storer 12lb
2nd Brian Faulkner 1lb 10oz

3 - Wed 10th June 09

1st Paul Camfield 10lb 9oz
2nd John Storer 5lb 6oz
3rd Mick Sandilands 1lb 14oz
4th Jim Apps 14oz

2 - Wed 3rd June 09

1st Jim Apps 4lb 0oz
2nd Paul Camfield 3lb 8oz
3rd John Storer 3lb 2oz
4th Mick Sandilands 2lb 0oz

 1 - Wed 27th May 09

1st Paul Camfield 6lb 14oz
2nd John Storer 5lb 6oz
3rd Jim Apps & Perry McDonnell 4lb 8oz
4th Mick Sandilands 2lb 10oz
5th Brian Faulkner 0lb 8oz